Research shows that by delegation of your commitments and tasks you can save up to 80% of your time on an annual level for things that you personally need to devote. Focus on what is really important and entrust us with everything else.

A virtual assistant can be your personal assistant, translator, proofreader, travel or event organizer, creative assistant, graphic and web designer, PR or associate on a specific project. For more demanding clients, we provide financial and tax services.

Services | Virtualista Email correspondence

In agreement with our clients, we take in their name any email correspondence of both private and business nature.

Services | Virtualista Scheduling appointments

Delegate us to manage your calendar, scheduling appointments and organizing meetings. Let your personal assistant be a virtual assistant, always available and ready to work.

Services | Virtualista Database research

With effective research we can find all data; you just need to know where to look for information.

Services | Virtualista Analysis and data entry

We analyze and input data in all types of documents (word, excel, powerpoint as well as portals …)

Services | Virtualista Keeping records and databases

We organize and maintain a contact list, a database of existing and potential clients, and other bases you have.

Services | Virtualista Creation, verification and correction of documents

We are creating new documents (word, excel, powerpoint), as well as checking, proofreading and correcting the existing ones. Equal attention is paid to content and correction of possible errors.

Services | Virtualista Translation services

We offer translation services in all major languages.

Services | Virtualista Travel Organization

We are planning travel for you – we search for adequate accommodation, we organize transportation and we suggest activities including excursions, visits to museums, restaurants and clubs as well as premium shopping tours.

Services | Virtualista “Leisure Time”

Leisure time has become as challenging as the organization of the business aspect of your life. Let us take care of your private commitments; we give you a proposal of activities based on your preferences and current events in the city where you currently live or visiting, including visits to cultural institutions, day trips, concerts, outings, countryside visits, sports activities. We also offer children’s activities and we can find the best teachers, lecturers, animators, or trainers for your children.

Services | Virtualista Event organization (private and corporate)

We design and implement all kinds of events, including corporate events, birthdays, celebrations and cocktails.

Services | Virtualista Organization of personal and corporate gifts

We create an adequate and appropriate proposal of personal and corporate gifts for all types of occasions (birthdays, anniversaries, various celebrations, New Year’s Eve …)

Services | Virtualista Public relations

We are working on a strategy of corporate and crisis communication, preparation of press releases, interviews etc. We propose relevant channels of communication and cooperation with the media and with influencers.

Services | Virtualista Graphic Design

An attractive design of your identity is also the promotion of your company, its products and services or your personal ad. We are taking you from the idea burst to the realization of unique and innovative graphic solutions.
Services in the field of graphic design: production of logos, graphic books of standards, business correspondence, packaging design, graphic solutions of billboards, newspaper advertisements…

Services | Virtualista Web design and site development

Attractive, creative and functional solutions in the field of web design and web site development that will help you achieve all your digital goals.

Services | Virtualista Entering content on sites

We offer content services on sites made on any platform.

Services | Virtualista Managing orders and content on social networks

We propose a strategic presence on social networks and manage your account on social networks in accordance with your requirements and desired goals.

Services | Virtualista Market research and analysis

We provide market research for your business needs and analyze it according to the given parameters (competitiveness, regulation, potential, saturation …).

Services | Virtualista Presentation preparation and design

Based on your input, we prepare market, corporate, marketing and branding presentations.

Services | Virtualista Business administration

Let us administer your business focusing on back-office features.

Services | Virtualista Other services

For all services suiting your needs we have not mentioned above, please feel free to contact us.